Confronting threats to marine ecosystems through the use of biodiversity offsets

Organiser: Nicole Shumway, University of Queensland

Biodiversity offsets are increasingly being used as a mechanism to mitigate impacts from economic expansion and development on species and ecosystems. Current offset research and policy are primarily focused on terrestrial ecosystems while marine offset development has lagged behind, despite a global increase in marine development and exploitation. Addressing this gap is crucial to providing better outcomes for marine species. The symposium will seek to address the following key issues:

  • Development of novel and innovative marine offset actions and explore strategies that will best benefit people and biodiversity;
  • Assessing current offset strategies in the marine environment;
  • Challenges for identifying mitigation strategies and setting the research agenda;
  • Policy issues related to governance and implementation;
  • Case studies of marine biodiversity offsets in conservation planning;
  • Discussion: what are the next steps forward?

14:30  Guy Dutson  Challenges and opportunities for using restoration to mitigate impacts to the marine environment

14:40  Justine Bell-James  Implementing an outcomes-based approach to marine biodiversity offsets: lessons from the Great Barrier Reef

14:50  Nicole Shumway  The state of marine biodiversity offsets: Applying the lessons learned from terrestrial ecosystems 

15:00  Bob Pressey  Marine offsets for the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area: principles and practice in achieving no net loss

15:10  Holly Niner  The application of marine biodiversity offsetting in Australia

15:20  Martine Maron  Additionality of offsets in marine protected areas

15:30  Prue Addison  Progressing biodiversity offsetting in marine systems: lessons from businesses working to achieve no net loss of terrestrial biodiversity

15:40  Hedley Grantham How to make biodiversity offsets work for marine conservation?

15:50 Discussion


Location: Room P9 Date: July 7, 2016 Time: 2:30 pm - 4:00 pm