Conservation planning / adaptive management

11:30  Stephanie Avery-Gomm  Historical data sheds new light on global declines in seabird populations 

11:35  Alienor Chauvenet  Habitat Protection Equality in an unequal world

11:40  Nils Krueck  A simple approach to incorporate larval dispersal data into marine reserve network design for both conservation and fisheries

11:45  April Reside  From frameworks to an action plan: how to manage for biodiversity under climate change

11:50  Michael McCarthy  A simple model reveals thresholds in the conservation benefits of adaptive management experiments

11:55  Isaac Peterson  Towards a rigorous impact evaluation of biodiversity offsetting: a theoretical and modelling framework

12:00  Karlo Hock  Adaptive targeting of source populations in connectivity networks to control range expansion: a crown-of-thorns starfish example

12:05  Stephanie B. Borrelle  Room for improvement: spatial, taxonomic & methodological gaps in seabird plastic ingestion research.

12:10  Carissa Joy Klein  Shortfalls in the global protected area network at representing marine biodiversity

12:15  Katrina Joan Davis  Non-market valuation and marine spatial optimization: complementing expert opinion with stakeholder’s preferences

12:20  Sean Maxwell  Integrating human responses to climate change into conservation vulnerability assessments and adaptation planning

12:25-1:00    Discussion

Speed Symposia
Location: Room P9 Date: July 7, 2016 Time: 11:30 am - 1:00 pm