Integrative/interdisciplinary approaches to conservation: social, economic, ecology science interface

09:30  Vanessa Adams  Meeting global conservation targets: create new protected areas or manage existing ones?

09:40  Stephanie K. Courtney Jones  The application of conservation behaviour to conservation practices: A case study on the effects of captivity on behaviour in a model species. 

09:50  Dawn Dickinson  Connecting To Nature In Urban Green Space: Benefits Perceived By Green Space Users In Perth, Western Australia

10:00  Hayley Clements  Trade-offs between resilience and profit: natural resource management on private land

10:10  Emma J McIntosh  Evidence for the impacts and outcomes of systematic conservation planning around the globe – a systematic map

10:20  Julie E. Groce  Supporting the landholders of private protected areas

10:30  Julie-Anne Whitburn  Urban Residents’ Relationship with Nature Helps Explain their Pro-environmental Behaviour in Wellington City, New Zealand

10:40  Sarah Bekessy  Including human behaviour changes the predicted efficiency of market based conservation instruments

10:50  Hedley Grantham  Linking environmental-economic accounting with spatial planning

Location: Room P7 Date: July 6, 2016 Time: 9:30 am - 11:00 am