PADDD (protected-area downsizing, downgrading, and degazettement) in Australia: PADDD decisions on land and in the sea and their implications for policy, practice, and nature conservation

Organiser: Bob Pressey, James Cook University

Australia’s protected areas play an important role in the persistence of the continent’s biodiversity. Despite this importance, decisions by Australia’s Federal, state, and territory governments over the last 10-15 years have progressively weakened terrestrial and marine protected areas. Evidence for this weakening includes diminishing management budgets, opening of parks to commercial and extractive interests, and altering boundaries to allow extraction of natural resources. All such decisions pose risks to biodiversity that have not been assessed explicitly by governments. Meanwhile, the review of Commonwealth marine parks has been underway since July 2014 and will report “as soon as possible”. This symposium brings together national experts to present the first comprehensive record of PADDD events in Australia, to discuss the risks for biodiversity, and to describe the need for more progressive practice and policy for protected areas.

09:30  Bob Pressey  Weakening of protected areas in Australia: downsizing, degazettement, and the multiple aspects of downgrading 

09:40  Stephen Turton  Limitations of protected areas for Australian tropical rainforests

09:50  Euan G. Ritchie  Compromised management of protected areas challenges the conservation of Australia’s terrestrial biodiversity

10:00  John Woinarski  Needing more, getting less: inadequacy in conservation planning and management

10:10  Martin F J Taylor  Protected-areas we thought we had

10:20  Brendan Kelaher  Dissecting arguments for and against downgrading nearshore marine sanctuaries

10:30  James Fitzsimons  Permanence and security of private protected areas in Australia

10:40  Emilie Ens Resourcing and adaptive management constraints of Australian Indigenous Protected Areas (IPAs)

10:50  Discussion

Location: Room P8 Date: July 8, 2016 Time: 9:30 am - 11:00 am