Poster Session 1

Glenn Althor – The status of the Tonle Sap fishery: A social perspective

Payal Bal – Cost-effective triggers for managing multiple threats: an indicator selection framework

Hernan Caceres – Examining multi-stakeholder approaches to conservation

Lucy Clive – The ecological and genetic risks of population augmentation in the pygmy bluetongue lizard, Tiliqua adelaidensis: A risk assessment

Diego F. Correa – Achieving transport energy demands through biofuels while decreasing land-use changes in tropical and subtropical regions of the world

Marilyn Connell –  Assessing resource use at the appropriate spatiotemporal scale for the conservation and management of freshwater turtles

Caroline Cordons – Diversity and abundancy of intertidal zone sponges on rocky shores of NSW, Australia: patterns of species distributions, abundance and diversity

Brendan Dillon – Does incorporating threats into spatial conservation planning reduce projected threat status? The case of African mammals.

Kaipo Dye – The multi-threat context of species vulnerability to climate change

Lara FrancoWhy are indoor workers more cognitively nature related than outdoor workers?

Rachael Gallagher – Mapping tropical liana richness: how global deforestation threatens hotspots of woody vine richness and why it matters for forest conservation

Michelle R. Gibson – Australian arid-zone birds: assessing drivers of species occupancy and abundance following an extreme rain event

Krystle Keller – Home and Away: The behaviour and movements of a ray, a fish and a shark associated with a coastal Artificial Reef

Joleah Lamb – Using natural coastal filtration to moderate human and coral reef pathogens and disease

Bonnie Mappin – Global restoration hotspots for biodiversity and carbon storage

Michelle Mogilski – Evaluating the effectiveness of low-intensity and cost-effective methods for restoring cleared humid eucalypt forests in Queensland

Rosiana Kushila Lagi – Vanua Sauvi-Conservation, Food Security and Carbon Sink

Ravikash Prasad – Area induced population abundance of invasive fruit flies on oceanic islands

Kate Reardon-Smith – Assessing ecosystem change using “functional group transition ratios”, a novel metric

Sarah Richmond –  Bridging the gap between ecologists and modellers: the Biodiversity and Climate Change Virtual Laboratory

Andrew Rogers – Noisy neighbours and myna problems: Bird communities along gradients of invasion and urbanization

Thita Soonthornvipat  – Growth capacity and survival of endangered Melaleuca irbyana is more limited than a widespread congener

Darren Southwell – Optimal timing of biodiversity offsetting for metapopulations

Lisa Anna Steindler – A Future Beyond the Fence – How does history of predator exposure influence predator recognition by the greater bilby, Macrotis lagotis?

Location: Foyer Date: July 6, 2016 Time: 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm