Spatial ecology and conservation

09:30  Jeffrey O. Hanson  RAPR: Representative and Adequate Prioritisations in R

09:40  James Watson   Decreasing disparities between recent rates of habitat conversion and protection and implications for future global conservation targets

09:50  Mark Kennard  Contrasting spatial priorities for indigenous subsistence resource use and biodiversity conservation values in three northern Australian river systems

10:00  Samantha Dale Reynolds  Pathways for protection: using spatial data to benchmark conservation outcomes for Western Australia’s whale sharks.

10:10  Jens G. Froese  Modelling habitat suitability and connectivity of feral pig predators for marine turtle conservation in northern Queensland

10:20  Jenny Hillman  The role of large macrofauna and their effect on cross-habitat connectivity

10:30  Peter W.J. Baxter  Detecting threatened and threatening species using unmanned aerial surveillance

10:40  Matthew H Holden The value of economic information for conserving poached species

10:50  Alex M. Lechner  Modeling the impact of public conservation orientation on landscape connectivity for conservation planning

Location: Room P9 Date: July 6, 2016 Time: 9:30 am - 11:00 am