Population dynamics

09:30  Emma Gray  Autecology of a new species of endangered carnivorous marsupial, Antechinus arktos and its relationship with a sympatric congener, Antechinus stuartii

09:40  Craig Norrie  Trace elemental fingerprinting techniques to infer population connectivity of the estuarine bivalve A. stutchburyi over small scales

09:50  Jelle Hilbers  Quantifying bird extinction risks due to chemical exposure

10:00  Ghislain Manon  Winter – Not Spring – Climate Drives Annual Adult Survival in Common Passerines: a Country-Wide, Multi-Species Modeling Exercise.

10:10  Ben Phillips  Genetic backburning to halt invasions

10:20  Michaela Plein  Ecological communities are more robust to cascading extinctions than believed

10:30  Isabelle Le Viol  Use of citizen monitoring program in islands to detect species and community responses of global changes 

10:40  Stewart James Huxtable  Scientific Analysis and Modelling Informs Adaptive Management Decision Making in the Reintroduction of Tasmanian Devils to the Forestier Peninsula.

10:50  Nicola Nelson  Lizard conservation in New Zealand mainland sanctuaries

Location: Room P6 Date: July 6, 2016 Time: 9:30 am - 11:00 am