Social Media Policy

We welcome delegates engaging with social media throughout the conference and encourage those who do to connect with the official social media handle for the conference #SCBO2016. We kindly ask that all participants make every effort to maintain polite and respectful communications.

Please respect requests not to tweet talks, slides or figures.

Please respect requests not to tweet talks, slides or figures.

Specifically we request that delegates:

  • Challenge issues, not people. Personal attacks detract from the safe, productive and collaborative environment this conference is aiming to foster and will not be tolerated.
  • Respect any requests made by presenters to not publicly share information or content
  • Ensure messages can not be misconstrued, especially when attributing them to other people or organisations.



The society for Conservation Biology Oceania section works to promote a welcoming environment at our conference that is safe, collaborative, supportive and productive for all attendees. We value the diversity of views, expertise, opinions, backgrounds and experiences reflected among all involved in SCBO 2016.

Our mission for this conference is to bridge divides. We hope that all conference attendees can assist in communicating the importance of conservation science to other professionals who are not able to be present at the conference as well as to the broader public.

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